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PVC Windows and doors



Aveplast manufactures and supplies premium calibre products.Where others talk about quality, we install it.
It is a reputation that we have worked hard to earn. So buying from Aveplast offers you a distinct advantage.
All doors and windows are fully featured, making them one of the most attractive on the market today. But it is our attention to security that will comfort you. Security claws, multi-point locking systems and glass that can only be removed from inside the home, means that Aveplast products deter intruders.



PVC Windows from profiles "GENEO" - Energy Efficiency in Perfection

 Only the best for the future – the new window system GENEO® made from the high-tech material RAUFIPRO®

Unbeatable thermal insulation
In terms of energy considerations, GENEO is the best window profile currently available on the market in the construction width 86 mm. With GENEO profiles it is therefore possible to achieve the most energy-efficient windows of their class. They create the climate comfort that property owners have always wished for. The particular highlight of the new system is the way in which it flexibly facilitates all energy-related requirements without having to accept compromises with regard to high sound insulation or effective burglar resistance. With GENEO, windows are achieved with sound insulation class 5 and in the case of burglar resistance with resistance class 2 without steel reinforcement. With the profile design fully reinforced with fibre composites the use of steel can be avoided and as a result previously inevitable thermal bridges also no longer occur. The system with its centre seal and optional thermo-modules achieves thermal insulation values up to the passive house standard in the standard construction width. As a result, a homeowner can save up to 1,341 litres of oil – according to the current level approx. EUR 1,006 – per annum with new windows made from GENEO MD plus, for example, and at the same time can spare the environment at least 3 1/2 tonnes of CO2.*

Unique, innovative and forward-looking
The high-tech material RAU-FIPRO specially developed for GENEO affords window construction benefits only dreamt of before. Fibre composites have proved effective in the most severe conditions in aircraft construction and Formula 1.
In GENEO, they are specifically used as a profile core and effortlessly ensure excellent stability and torsional rigidity.
Comparable systems with steel reinforcements are up to 40 % heavier than the fully reinforced GENEO profiles. This means in layman’s terms that handling during production, transport and installation is faster, less complicated and, in particular, easier. The patented “integrated reinforcement system IVS”, fitted with integrated screw bosses and additional diagonal reinforcement, ensures highest fitting stability with screws and considerable basic profile stability. However, all these features do not meant that the fabricators have to make significant investments. GENEO profiles can be processed with existing machinery by means of familiar processes such as e.g. during welding.

High level of comfort and extremely functional
Windows made from GENEO are convincing not simply thanks to their high level of energy efficiency. They are consistent, forward-looking and provide maximum comfort. They ensure perfect peace and quiet with their unique sound insulation system and ensure maximum safety with their burglar resistance system. The ease with which they can be opened and closed is particularly impressive. Completely redesigned seals significantly reduce the closing pressure. This ensures a better quality of life. GENEO is part of a clearly defined, standardised recycling process, with a material cycle adapted to RAU-FIPRO, as being forward-looking is closely linked with a positive environmental balance.


  • Constructive Depth: 86 mm / seal contact
  • Number of chambers: 6 chambers
  • Thermal insulation: Uw = 0.73 W / m 2 K
  • Tightness air currents with three sets: up to class 4 (DIN EN 12207) / 9A (DIN EN 12208)

PVC Windows from profiles "Euro Design 60"

REHAU_euro_60.jpgFor building owners who insist on quality and are conscious of economic factors. Quality is a standard feature of our windows in the Integral Basic Design and economy is taken into consideration in planning, right from the very start. Kr value 1.6 W (m²K)

Additional features of windows in Integral Basic Design:

An attractive design

Two draught-excluder strips running around the window frame keep out draughts, dust and rain water

Easier to open and close, due to the use of trend-setting metal fittings

The windows are optimally designed for the incorporation of locking components and additional measures to prevent break-ins 


PVC Windows from profiles "Euro Design 70"


In the window profile system Integral Thermo Design, the demand for quality is supplemented by an additional level of heat insulation. Windows with heat insulation that provide the feeling of comfort. As a four-chamber construction, Integral Thermo Design achieves higher levels of insulation. Due to the draught excluder strips with their broad layout area, which run around the frame, a first class joint seal (a value) and excellent protection against heavy rain (load groups A,B and C) are achieved. Kr value 1.3 W (m²K)




PVC Windows from profiles "Brilliant Design"

Elegance, first class details and heat insulation. The window profile system integral Brilliant Design fulfils the highest requirements. With a kr value of 1.3 W (m²K), windows made in the Integral Brilliant Design are also suitable for low-energy houses. Pleasant, rounded edges in the field of vision give the windows a modern, discriminat-ing appearance. Our comprehensive programme places no limits on your wishes regarding design and colours.







PVC Window colors


Golden oak
Eiche Beige
Oregon Beige
Douglasie Braun
Dunkel Grun


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